Does He Want A Relationship?

Do you love the concept of having a man you’ve started dating in your life… only to wonder is he interested in a relationship? The truth is, most likely the thought hasn’t even entered his mind yet. Men don’t get as enthusiastic about the subject of relationships as women do.

The culture has come to be in a serious romantic rut. Dating is considered to be a hobby and sex can be just a click or swipe away. No wonder why men have become so apathetic about commitment.

Women want safety but most men don’t glorify settling down like we do. So even us introducing the relationship conversation can be a complete buzz kill for a man who was just thinking your interaction was fun and light. The fact is men are usually not as excited about relationships as women are.

Men not being interested in relationships isn’t a static rule. When you first start dating though, it’s not his immediate thought. So why does a man become interested in being in a relationship?

Typically it’s one of two things: he’s at the point in his life where he wants to settle down, or he loves how a woman makes him feel. She’s totally irresistible. Often times it can be a combination of the two factors.

One thing for sure is – once a man decides he is interested in a relationship it is because of the strong connection he feels for a woman. Once he decides he wants a woman it isn’t about what she’s said or done. He just feels the chemistry and has an urge to be continuously connected with you.

When a man has these feelings and knows he wants to be in a relationship with you he’ll show signs of stepping up. You’ll start receiving more calls and text from him. Maybe you’ll get an invitation to meet his parents or siblings. Or possibly he’ll propose a romantic weekend getaway for the two of you.

What if he doesn’t want to commit? He may really like you and enjoy your company but for whatever reason he doesn’t want to commit then you can’t force him to feel the same as you.

If you don’t want to wait for him to change his tune then find someone else. A relationship is a choice, you cannot force it upon him. If a man doesn’t want something on his own he will hate to be pressured into it. The bottom line is you will create tension and stress and he won’t feel attracted to you at all.

Do not neglect your own desires. We can get so involved with the idea of a new prospect that we forget we may just be idealizing the possibility of a relationship. We may forget the true purpose: is he worthy of making you happy? You will find when you respect your own needs you’ll naturally attract a relationship with a man that is worthy of you. Article Source:
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  • stupid question.  The way you go about finding a guy might depend on what you are looking for in a relationship.  Frankly, you will do things differently if you are looking for Mr. Right than you might if you


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