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How to Date Any Girl { What Do Women Want! }

every time you see a pretty girl walking down the street, you say, “oh man I wish she could go on a date with me”, well my friend that won’t be easy as you think, asking a girl to go for a date with you is hard and takes a lot of courage, and dating the girl of your dreams might be as hard as flying to the moon, she might not have any feeling or not even interested, but don’t worry, in this article, we will guide you show you exactly the things that you should consider before asking any girl for a date.

in this part we will focus on important topic ” what women want”

lets get started, enjoy!

What Do Women Want!

What do women want! This is a question that has baffled men since the beginning of time and we men are no closer to understanding women than we were when we huddled around an open fire every night and lived in caves.

Why are women so hard to decipher? Simply because we try to understand them from a man’s point of view without understanding the basic premise that women think differently from men. In fact, women have completely different wiring than men and we will never be able to understand them on a logical level, which is how we approach most everything.

Think about it. What do we do when we get together for some fun? We definitely aren’t sharing feelings. No, we drink, talk about sports and other apparently innocuous subjects which in fact are a hidden form of competition. You know, the mine’s bigger than yours syndrome.

However, for guys this is absolutely natural.

On the other hand, when women get together they share their feelings, they watch chick flicks, and talk about the latest diet or article in Cosmo. You see, women are mainly driven by emotion. Just as we need logic and structure in our lives, they need emotion. Men thrive on competition, adrenaline, power, domination, while women couldn’t really care less about them.

The idea is that if you really want to be able to date any girl, no matter how attractive she is, you need to know what drives her, what her underlying motives are. Now, don’t take this the wrong way because many women have no conscious idea of what drives them or what their motives are; it’s just the way nature has wired them.

However, just as you need to know what drives her, you need to stop worrying about it making sense. It is never going to make sense to us because we see things differently. But, if you know what her buttons are then you will be able to play sweet music that she won’t be able to resist.

Remember knowledge is power and you like power, don’t you? Well, learn what drives women and then you will have it in spades.

What They Say They Want

There’s a big difference between what women say they want and what they actually respond to. You see, most women will say that they want a nice, dependable guy who will treat them right. That’s all well and good but then why are so many women attracted to “bad boys”? Why do you see so many beautiful women dating complete and total jerks who have the bad boy image?

It’s simply because what women say they want and what they actually want are two different things. What they say they want has a lot to do with how they have been conditioned by society to think while the type of guys they are actually attracted to is dictated by nature and their wiring. Generally, nature wins out over society.

Does this mean you have to become a bad boy to be attractive to women? Yes and no. Confusing, I know, but there it is.

What you need to understand is that women are actually attracted to strong, confident men and definitely not to “nice guys” who do everything but lick the floor they walk on.

Take a look at those romance novels that women love so much. Pick up any of the popular ones and try and find one where the guy is “nice.” Good luck, you’re going to be looking forever because most of the men in these romance novels are tough, strong, and powerful and in most cases, they start out as being downright jerks even if they come around by the end.

And guess what? Women adore those books for a reason. Could it be because they are hoping to meet a similar man and these novels give them a chance to dream? If you answered Yes, then there is still hope for you.

Unfortunately, society seems to have emasculated men over the past few decades and there was a point where men were expected to be even more sensitive than women. The problem is that while women liked these men, they were only really interested in them as friends.

The good news is that it’s actually ok to be a man, especially since that is what women are looking for.

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